Long story short, I have never been great, health-wise, ever since my earliest teenage years. Put bluntly, I had too much access to candy and pop, and I took advantage of the fact. Basketball helped to a degree in high school, but I was never going to get much playing time, so I took on team manager roles the last two years.

It was not until the last couple years of college before I finally started turning things around. Having a handful of cleaning jobs, one which was one mile away, helped get me active on top of drinking a LOT of water. However, college ended, and I moved away, and that broke 15 months of a successful pattern and began reversing the 40lbs I had lost at the time.

Eight years later, it’s time to turn things back to the better again, and if all goes well, also finally form the habits that will keep the successes going for the rest of my life.