Continuous Glucose Monitoring with Levels

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I not too recently watched a video by one Ali Spagnola and her Fitness Outrageous Youtube channel about a new wearable that she is doing beta testing with called Levels. It’s a patch that you wear that will continuously track your glucose levels in your blood stream. Paired up with the app, you will receive and see reports and stats about your current status as well as see what happens over time as you go about consuming and working out.

This is not yet a wearable that is publicly available, so I am only at the requested access state. I may get allowed in, I may not, and I don’t know how soon it may happen. However, I decided that the worst that they could do is simply say no at the moment, until it’s ready for public consumption.

You can see more about them over at their website found at

You can also watch the video by Ali that introduced myself and all her “Pal-ys” below.

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