Reasons why I decided to get into shape.

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  1. I didn’t want to be a stereotypical out-of-shape web programmer.
  2. I suddenly found desire to have need to replace every tech/conference/work shirt I owned.
  3. So I wouldn’t feel like I’m swimming in my hoodie.
  4. I want to run better than Internet Explorer.
  5. It was a better long term weightloss plan than cutting off body parts.
  6. I wanted to be immortalized on the gym wall as a success story.
  7. I’m a big Randy “Macho Man” Savage fan and want to accurately go as him for Halloween some year.
  8. Wanting to impress all my non-existent ex’s who aren’t looking my way anymore anyway.
  9. I want to be lighter than my website’s page weight.
  10. How else would I survive the zombie apocolypse?
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